Discipline Areas

Health & PE

The Physical Education, Years 7 to 12, aims to encourage all students to participate in a range of physical activities to develop skills and fitness levels. Classes occur in a safe and stimulating environment on and off campus and focus on promoting a sense of enjoyment for lifetime participation in physical activity.

Objectives of the Physical Education curriculum

  • To develop an awareness of self in terms of ability and worth
  • To contribute to the social, emotional, physical and mental development of the individual
  • To encourage teamwork and decision-making
  • To develop communication skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a group
  • To develop a student's sense of responsibility for her own actions in co-operative settings
  • To develop in students an understanding of the role physical activity plays in our society
  • To introduce students to Life sports and recreation activities


Students at the end of each unit must have demonstrated:

  • a willingness to learn and participate -

  • improvement in the performance of their skills

  • knowledge and understanding of basic rules and game play.

All students are encouraged to supplement their class work with participation in extra curricular sport, both House and School Sport. All contributions are acknowledged in semester reports.


Activities in classes include a selection of team sports to encourage co-operation and sportsmanship and individual recreation-based activities.
GSV website address is www.gsv.vic.edu.au

GSV Sports : Tennis,Softball , Indoor Cricket , Water Polo , Swimming , Diving, Netball , Hockey, Cross-Country Running, Soccer, Badminton , Volleyball , Athletics, Basketball

Other Sports: S nowsports, Rowing, Equestrian Events

Clinics: Year 7 GSV Expo

Social Sports: Rugby League, Australian Rules Football, Yoga, Self Defence, Lawn Bowls, Sailing, Squash, Footbag, Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Handball,