Physical Education at Shelford

The Physical Education program in the Senior School is comprehensive and varied, as well as being lots of fun and very rewarding.

The Year 7 & 8 program is focused on the continued development of basic and complex motor skills, which will enable the students to fully involve themselves in the GSV program. The curriculum closely follows the interschool sporting program, giving the girls the skills, game knowledge and specific fitness to compete in the many sports offered throughout the year. Some of the sports that are taught are softball, athletics, cricket, volleyball, netball, basketball, hockey, soccer and badminton. There is also a strong focus on fitness development, with staff regularly fitness testing and encouraging students to involve themselves in fitness based activities in their own time. The Physical Education program promotes involvement in House and School athletics, cross country and swimming.

The Year 9 program focuses on promoting student interest in physical fitness, lifestyle activities and wellbeing. This program engages the students in many different types of fitness programs, alternative sports and recreational activities. It is a program designed to broaden the students' awareness of the many physical activities available within their local community. The girls attend sessions at Fitness First and Gecko Fitness, learn team games such as lacrosse, street hockey, football and handball and engage in team activities such as peer teaching and cheerleading.

The Year 10 & 11 program is primarily recreation based. These sessions are designed to be fun, energetic and engaging. The aim is to inspire the girls to involve themselves in physical activities outside the school curriculum and to develop a lifelong interest in being fit and healthy.

The Year 10 students have one double session a fortnight and most of these are off campus. Activities include sailing, rowing, cycling, Fitness First sessions, water aerobics, water polo, ice skating, bowling and team building games.

The Year 11 program is designed to provide the students with some balance within their school life, and it offers them a chance to be physical for one period each week. It is a program that is energetic and lots of fun. The girls participate in zumba classes, ultimate frisbee sessions, fencing sessions, Fitness First classes, yoga and ballroom dancing, and they learn team games such as football and rugby. Most sessions are run by expert facilitators or elite athletes.

The Physical Education program aims to equip all students with the physical skills, fitness and confidence to play any sport or participate in any physical activity that may interest them as they embrace their life beyond school.