Community Service

Community Service refers to service that one performs for the benefit of the community. Involvement in community service strengthens our sense of civic engagement and responsibility. At Shelford, students from Prep in the JDC through to Year 12 are involved in programs that make valuable and genuine contributions to the community, both locally and overseas. Some of the initiatives at Shelford have included:

  • Organising personal care packs for the Sacred Heart Mission and Ardoch Youth Foundation
  • Cleaning up rubbish from St Kilda Beach
  • Selling Anglicare Merchandise
  • Selling Krispy Kreem donuts for the charity "Canteen"
  • Junior School girls collecting coins for the Victorian Farmers' Federation to distribute in the form of vouchers to Children in Rural Familiesin neeCwho are suffering from the prolonged drought.
  • Creating two magnificent peacock mosaics for Benetas Clarence Park Court elderly citizens
  • Making jewellery for children at the Ardoch Youth Foundation
  • Organising a walkathon for the KKS School in Bangladesh
  • Organising a walkathon for RENEW which supports the education of women and girls from remote and impoverished areas of Bhutan