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Debating in action at ShelfordDebating

Debating at Shelford is a lively program. Each year at least three teams (made up of from six to eight students) compete at different levels in the Debating Association of Victoria competition. All team members work on their arguments, with the support of staff, and the actual debating is done in rotation, so each girl has the opportunity not only to debate but to take the role of a different speaker. First speakers introduce the argument, second speakers develop it, and the third speaker must be the mistress of rebuttal and thinking on her feet.

Although only girls from Year 9 and upwards participate in the DAV competition, girls in Years 7 and 8 also debate in the classroom with the support of a specialist Oratory teacher, learning the skills for their future in the inter-school field. Former Shelford students continue to debate and act as adjudicators in the DAV competition, and have at times returned to work with the girls debating at school.