Discipline Areas


English at Shelford revolves around the basic human skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. At all levels students are encouraged to read widely from a range of texts both classical and contemporary, to participate in film study and to develop their own responses and creative interpretations.

At VCE level, the texts are chosen from those approved by the VCAA. In the Middle School, texts are chosen both to provide relevance to the world in which the students are living and to develop an appreciation of the great writers of the past.

In Year 9 the students study the situation of girls in different times and cultures and they are introduced to Shakespeare. The English program is enhanced by the Humanities curriculum. By Year 10, the two studies come together; looking at the struggle for human rights over the world; novels and autobiographies are chosen to give a human face to facts and statistics.

Year 9 World of Writing (referred to as WOW, an elective that can last one or two semesters).

In Semesters One and Two, the course focuses on the enjoyment and appreciation of reading and writing that arises from discussion, debate and the challenge of exploring the meanings of literary texts. Students reflect on their interpretations and those of others. They will write in the style of the different authors they study. Students will study a mixture of past and contemporary texts in a variety of forms, including short stories, poetry, a play and novels. In Semester 1 the focus is on writing effectiveness and personal growth in confidence and style. In Semester 2 the focus is on creative and analytical writing that challenges and extends.

At Year 8 the texts chosen include an emphasis on Australian Literature.

At Year 7 the girls study novels suited to their various reading levels as an extension activity.

Students at all levels are required to reflect on their own writing and speaking tasks.

There is a wide range of extension activities available in competitions like the My Brother Jack Literary Festival, the school Public Speaking Competition as well as Book Club and Debating.