Discipline Areas


Each year there are a number of science competitions and events in which Shelford Girls' Grammar students participate. Designed to encourage and extend interested students, some are state-based while others are national events.

Senior School Science

Shelford students develop their scientific literacy and are equipped to make valuable contributions to debates on important, emerging topics.

Science in Years 7 to 9 at Shelford is organised into two areas. Science Knowledge and Understanding focuses on a study of the ideas central to Science such as the diversity of living things and the importance of the environment, the basic structure of matter and energy, and the place of Earth in Space. Science At Work exposes students to what it is like to be a scientist, by performing experiments and through exposure to real life scientists.

Science is a practical subject, involving hands on activities. Students at Shelford perform many experiments and although most have a prescribed method, there are opportunities for students to design their own tests. Students learn to analyse data, and effective ways of presenting results.

With issues such as Climate Change, Stem Cell Research, alternative energy sources and gene technology featuring regularly in the media, it is vital that students develop a level of scientific literacy that enables them to make valuable contributions to debates on important topics.