Junior School

Shelford recognises that each girl is unique and that all girls exhibit a wide range of abilities, interests and learning styles. We recognise and value individuality and the development of self esteem, confidence and independence. We provide appropriate experiences that challenge and encourage students to aspire to the highest levels in learning.

The Shelford curriculum is offered through learning programs that focus on the nature and experience of each child. The quality of the relationship between student, teachers and parents enhances the learning process.

The major focus in catering for differences is the carefully differentiated classroom program. Our small class sizes and our open, friendly and caring culture ensure that each child is well known to her teachers. A team approach between home and School is essential in the educational process.

Shelford parents are actively and energetically encouraged, both formally and informally, to support the Staff in the teaching and learning programs. This follows one of the main principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which our Early Learning Centre adopts.