Teaching and Learning

Junior Discovery Centre

Catering for girls from Preparatory - Year 2 in an innovative and flexible learning environment

At Shelford we aspire to maximise the growth and development of girls across all dimensions This means the development of programs that meet the individual needs of a girl's social, emotional, physical, spiritual, moral and academic development.

Within the Junior Discovery Centre the individual learning requirements of each student is met in a challenging, responsive program. Central to the program are the assessment, recording and reporting procedures. The knowledge of the learner is central to the design of individualised programs. The individual learning pathway ensures that each girl is challenged and stimulated to grow and develop at a rate which is appropriate for her. The programs cater for different backgrounds, interest and ways of learning and knowing.

Flexible Groupings

In order to ensure that we are catering for the needs of all learners and providing them with the opportunity to enhance their understandings and learning potential, a number of 'learning groups' operate throughout the day in the Discovery Centre. Across all learning areas, girls are frequently regrouped for different activities rather than being segregated by chronological age. Sometimes girls work alone, sometimes in small groups. Sometimes tasks will be readiness based or interest based and on other occasions they will be constructed to match learning styles.

Whole group instruction may be used to introduce new ideas or for celebrating learning achievements. Flexible grouping of children promotes cognitive and social growth, and encourages a spirit of co-operation rather than competition. Each child is seen as unique and is encouraged to work and make progress at her own level and pace. Social and emotional development is enhanced, intellectual skills are learned and dispositions of greater importance are acquired when children have opportunities to relate to children younger and older than themselves.