Junior Learning Years 3-6

Shelford - A Leading School

Shelford is a leading girls' school committed to caring for the individual, encouraging the desire to achieve by providing challenge and opportunity in a stimulating environment.

The teaching and learning environment of Shelford challenges and stimulates students to achieve their personal best within all facets of their development - academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. Students are encouraged to be resilient and to persevere when faced with a challenge.

Shelford recognises that each girl is unique and that all girls exhibit a wide range of abilities, interests and learning styles. We recognise and value individuality and the development of self esteem, confidence and independence. We provide appropriate experiences that challenge and encourage students to aspire to the highest levels in learning.

The Shelford curriculum is offered through learning programs that focus on the nature and experience of every students. Our small class sizes and our open, friendly and caring culture ensure that each child is well-known to her teachers. An effective team approach between home and School is highly valued and is essential in the educational process.

Shelford parents are actively encouraged to support the Staff in the teaching and learning programs. This follows one of the main principles of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which underpins the programs offered by the Early Learning Centre.

The Learning Experience

The Shelford Junior School curriculum focuses on the growth and development of the whole child, not only as a learner within the classroom, but also as a member of the global community. At the heart of Shelford's curriculum development is a commitment to structured enquiry as a vehicle for learning.

Flexible Groupings

In order to ensure that we cater for the needs of all learners and provide them with the opportunity to enhance their understandings and learning potential, a number of learning groups operate throughout the day. Frequently these learning groups will cut across traditional age determined grade levels, as we acknowledge that children all develop and progress at their own individual pace.
Students may work individually, in pairs, small groups or as a multi - age class. At different times, depending on the task, girls work in groups consisting of learners with the same ability or similar interests, groups based on their particular learning style or a combination of these. These groupings allow all the students to achieve, feel safe and be provided with the necessary support, allowing them to continually grow and develop as a learner.

Shelford girls will also be provided with many opportunities to develop areas of talent and interest in which they may choose to specialise at school and beyond. The Shelford curriculum is offered through learning programs that focus on the nature and experience of each student, recognising that there are different ways of learning and different learning styles. The major focus in catering for differences is the carefully differentiated classroom program.