VCE Structure and Requirements

Subjects are made up of Units

  • A Unit lasts one semester or half a year
  • Units 1 and 2 are mainly in Year 11
  • Units 3 and 4 are mainly in Year 12 and must be studied in a sequence


Students must satisfactorily complete at least 16 Units. These units must include:

  • 3 Units of English*
  • 3 sequences of Units 3 and 4 studies other than English, including VCE VET Unit 3 and 4 sequences.

* 3 Units of English may be selected from VCE English (1 to 4), and Literature (3 and 4)
Students at Shelford will attempt at least 23 Units over 2 years.


VCE in Year 11 and Year 12 is a two year course plan in which a student outlines the combinations of Units she aims to study. Students are encouraged to plan their studies around their interests, talents and career directions or pathways.

Many students will have very clear goals and will construct quite specific programs. Some students who are still working through possible career directions and pathways can construct a program from a variety of curriculum areas to explore their abilities and interests in a broad set of studies.