Shelford Languages Faculty

Providing exciting "In-Country" Opportunities for Students of French and Japanese

French Program

Exchange Opportunities

French students at Shelford are encouraged to visit a French speaking country. Each year, some of the senior girls participate over the summer break in our exchange program in Delémont, Switzerland. During July and August, Swiss students visit Melbourne, attend school at Shelford and stay with a Shelford host family with one of our students. Whilst students are not accompanied by staff, support is available from co-ordinators of the program at Shelford and in Switzerland. An important aspect of the exchange is the matching up of students from each country. This enables them to correspond directly with one another well ahead of their exchange period, so that they can get to know one another better and discuss such things as arrival and departure dates, and areas of interest.

Japan Program

Exchange Opportunities

Shelford enjoys a close relationship with its Japanese sister school. Each year in August a group of students from Edogawa Girls' High, our Tokyo sister school, visits for a week. The Japanese girls participate in numerous activities in Junior School and Senior School classes, providing wonderful opportunities for the Shelford students to interact, practise their language skills and learn more about Japan and its people.

A long- term student exchange program has also been established with Edogawa Girls' High, which is a large private girls' school. Every year Shelford hosts one Edogawa student for one year. This student will typically undertake a Year 11 course. Shelford Year 10 students of Japanese have the opportunity to travel to Edogawa, undertaking a seven week homestay and attending Edogawa High School in December and January. Information about this exchange opportunity is provided directly to the Year 10 students.