Teaching and Learning

Early Learning Centre

The Shelford Early Learning Centre is co-educational, with a Toddler group for children from 18 months of age and 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old Kindergarten programs.

The Centre:

  • Exceeds the National Quality Standards

  • Offers extended hours care from 7.30am until 6pm

  • Includes specialist classes - Sport, Music, Library, Jolly Phonics and Feuerstein IE

  • Child Care benefits and rebates apply


The Shelford Early Learning Centre provides an environment that encourages enquiry, exploration, curiosity, investigation and it also facilitates the child's individual way of learning. We gain inspiration from myriad early childhood philosophies, such as, Reggio Emilia, Steiner, De Bono and Vygotsky, and create programs that closely reflect our ongoing professional development and enquiry.

In accordance with the Mission of Shelford, our Pre-School provides an exciting, safe and secure emotional and physical environment in which our children grow and develop lifelong learning skills.

The Centre aims to ensure that each child is given opportunities to develop as a whole child, and to function at her or his optimum level. We view play as being open-ended, and place great value on the journey children take while discovering the world around them. We promote the development of learning and life skills within all areas, including social, emotional, physical and cognitive.

Mutual trust and respect provide the basis for the fostering of self-esteem, confidence and independence. Children's rights are upheld and the program supports a diversity of cultural beliefs and it operates without gender bias.

Children are encouraged to respect other people's belongings, beliefs and feelings at all times. Children with additional needs are supported through close contact with parents and specialist personnel. The environment is viewed as the third teacher and is respected and appreciated by the children, staff and parents.

Our vision is to create an environment that reflects the interests of the children, their families and the staff.

We welcome and encourage parent participation and input into the development and evaluation of the program.