Teaching and Learning

Shelford... Aspire... Engage... Achieve

Educational Philosophy

The keystone of Shelford's Educational Philosophy is its Individual Differences Policy. Talented, perceptive and sensitive teachers - working closely with parents and ancillary staff - design personalised programs to meet the needs, abilities and interests of each child.

Students are placed in learning groups according to their social and cognitive readiness. Vertical grouping allows students to work with 'like minds' and academic progress is not determined by chronological age.

All administrative structures, resourcing policies and staffing practices support and complement our Individual Differences Policy which operates with our youngest child in the Toddler Group to our Year 12 students - and beyond.

Students aspire to the highest levels of achievement in everything they do. They are encouraged to 'dare to dream' and to experience the exhilaration of discovering talents and abilities which they didn't know they possessed.

A feature of Shelford is its small class sizes. While many of Shelford's students are exceptionally able some of our students have specific learning needs and individual programs are designed for them also.

All students participate enthusiastically in the co-curricula activities and consequently a strong sense of community pervades the school. The Pastoral Care program underpins and enhances the broader educational philosophy.

Shelford is proud of its tradition of academic achievement, understanding and care.

Shelford... Aspire... Engage... Achieve