Careers Counselling

The Careers Counsellor ensures that all senior girls are aware of the many different courses and careers which are available to students today.
Careers counselling is available on a one to one basis and through organised activities such as lectures, seminars, workshops and excursions which are conducted to inform girls of the various courses and pathways offered by tertiary and further education institutions.

Careers Program

Year 9

Students develop job seeking, job application and interview skills through a targeted program that requires students to prepare a resume and letter of application. These resumes and letter of application are then assessed and given back to the student for feedback. Students also hear from a recruitment specialist about the importance of interview preparation. Role-plays of possible interview scenarios are then demonstrated to students. All students then take part in a mock interview program where a panel of employers and parents come to Shelford to interview all Year 9 students individually.

Year 10

The Year 10 program encourages the development of self confidence as students increase their ability to interact meaningfully with the real world. They will develop their problem solving skills and their ability to work effectively as part of a team. In Year 10 students participate in an enterprise project, including work experience.

Year 11

All Year 11 students go on a 3 day careers seminar program that involves students visiting Monash, RMIT, Deakin and Ballarat University. All aspects of tertiary life are considered and students also role play various interview situations for courses such as Medicine, Fine Arts etc.

Year 12

All Year 12 Students take part in the Tertiary Information Service. This expo involves students visiting Melbourne University to hear from the selection officers about tertiary selection as well as visiting display stands.

Years 10-12

Students listen to a range of guest speakers from tertiary institutes and private industry on vocational and educational pathways.
All students have an individual consultation with the Careers Adviser each year regarding their career aspirations. Technological based programs such as Coursescan are used to evaluate vocational pathways based on subject choices. A printout of possible course options is provided to every student.
All parents and students from Year 9 to Year 12 listen to the Careers Adviser speak at career information evenings that are held during the year. Parents and students are also kept informed about careers related issues through a weekly column in the school newsletter.