Discipline Areas

Religious Education

As a P-12 Girls' School we welcome students from the range of backgrounds. Our foundations are within the Anglican tradition while we engage with the diversity of contemporary life. Our religious education program, spiritual reflection at church and the corporate life of Shelford reflect Christian belief and practice while respecting multicultural, multi-faith Australia.
The program from P to 9 is based in part on the Peter Vardy model of Religious Education. In sequence and scope the program has academic integrity. We encourage Shelford students to have open, inquiring hearts and minds as we explore the Christian tradition, religious and philosophical questions, world religions, ethics and the practice of prayer, meditation, wonder and stillness.

The Year 10 Program is a Philosophy program


Shelford students attend chapel on a fortnightly cycle.
While appreciating that Chapel attendance is not a normative practice for many Shelford families, we value the Shelford community participating in Chapel services. In a spirit of ecumenism, our church life aims to be age specific and culturally sensitive for our girls.
We seek to engage with their life experience and interests while passing on the essentials of the Christian faith. There is also enormous value for the human spirit in a regular time of quiet and reflection

Pastoral Care

The Chaplain is part of an integrated pastoral care system across Junior and Senior School. The Chaplain is available to care for needs arising, for students, staff and family members. The Shelford community promotes the wellbeing of the whole person as being pivotal in the whole educative experience.