Discipline Areas: Languages


Every student in the Senior School has the opportunity to study the beautiful French language and its rich culture.

French and Japanese are compulsory in Year 7. In Year 8 students elect to study either French or Japanese (not both). In Year 9 students continue to study the language chosen in Year 8.

From Year 10 onwards, language study becomes an elective. French is a popular choice for students in Year 10 and VCE. There is a designated French classroom which opens onto a café area outside that is used for rehearsals and presentations. Classes are also held in computer rooms where the girls use interactive language programs, create presentations using films and complete research projects. Students participate in cultural activities such as drama workshops (in French), games of boules, cooking and visits to galleries and theatres to see the work of French artists, films and theatre productions. They participate in the annual poetry and language competitions conducted by the Alliance Francaise. Students in Years 10 to 12 work with a French language assistant to build their conversation skills.

Shelford uses the Accelerated Integrated Method of teaching French in Years 7 and 8. The program entitled Histoires en Action has proven to be a revolutionary approach to second language acquisition. Devised in Canada it is being used increasingly in Australian schools and is based on stories and music. It is well suited to learners of all styles and the range of motivating activities helps students to gain confidence in their ability to communicate in French. For further information please click on this link: Histoires en Action

French students at Shelford are encouraged to visit a French speaking country. Each year, some of the senior girls participate over the summer break in our exchange program. in Delémont, Switzerland.