Discipline Areas: Languages


Japanese is taught throughout Shelford from Prep to Year 12.

In the Junior School classes are held each week and students explore the rich, Japanese culture and language through activities related to everyday life. The girls use Japanese for basic exchanges and they also learn to use the non-verbal language which is integral to Japanese communication. Students develop an understanding of differences between lifestyles, traditions and beliefs. Areas covered include eating habits, schooling, family life, daily routines and folk tales. Activities include language modelling, exercises, games, songs and crafts. In the upper levels, the Hiragana 48 character phonetic system is introduced.

In the Senior School, all girls study Japanese and French in Year 7. In Year 8 students elect to study either Japanese or French. In Year 9 students continue to study their Year 8 language of choice ( it is not possible to study both languages). From Year 10 onwards language study becomes an elective. There are dedicated language classrooms and students utilise the computer hubs for activities such as investigations, word processing, recording and multi-media games and tasks. While the focus is on language development, as Japanese culture is intricately intertwined with its language, deepening the students' understanding of Japanese culture is also an important aspect of the curriculum. Cultural events such as Japanese cooking sessions, origami, film excursions and cultural presentations are enjoyed. Students at Years 11 and 12 levels undertake regular speaking practice with native Japanese assistants. This contributes to the development of students' language ability particularly on the aural and oral areas.

Shelford has two Japanese sister schools located in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Each year in August a group of students from Edogawa Girls' High, our Tokyo sister school, visits for a week. The Japanese girls participate in numerous activities in Junior School and Senior School classes, providing wonderful opportunities for the Shelford students to interact, practise their language skills and learn more about Japan and its people. Shelford students also have the opportunity to travel to Edogawa and attend the school during December and January